Green building is increasingly popular. More and more clients want their projects green building certified. While critics to green buildings are also heard. High-energy consumption 'green' certified building, fake green, green building consultant liars, are these criticisms all nonsense ? There are some grandstanding comments while there are also some opinions truly valuable pointing the problems of existing green building movement.

According to the data revealed by USGBC on September 22, 2013, there are total of 1,362 LEED projects, of which only 342 have been certified. Meanwhile, number of LEED professionals including LEED AP and LEED GA is only 1073 . On average, each LEED professional has experienced 0.78 LEED project. Plus the big companies have more chances to be involved in LEED projects, green building professionals in big companies have greater advantages regarding to resources and experiences.

This is the industry background when L GEES established. These are also the situations L GEES target to change.

Not every professional can be involved in a green building project as his / her own willingness, while education chance is equal to everyone. L GEES green building training program is dedicated to green building practitioners to improve professional levels.  Industry elites from both domestic and international companies, universities and professional societies are invited to share their valuable experiences, cases, latest information and technologies. Currently L GEES has developed courses including sustainable site design, energy modelling, building commissioning, energy audits, ASHRAE standards, sustainable operations and maintenance, and various green building rating system including LEED, BEAM, BREEAM, etc. L GEES are continuing developing our education program in order to provide one stop green building training.

Green building is not just a certification. Concept of green buildings need to be implemented into practice. L GEES consultancy services dedicated to provide high quality professional green building consulting advices. Helping our clients obtaining green building certification is not the only goal for us, realizing the actual sustainable performance, energy saving, healthy and comfortable living / working environment, through life cycle analysis is the mission of L GEES consultancy services. Our team consists of architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, commissioning authorities, operation and maintenance experts, providing you integrated lifecycle green building professional advices, assisting / leading your projects attaining sustainability in a high cost efficient way.