Green building certification

October 2013, L GEES website is finally established and open to public. At this moment, L GEES is one month old. Thank you for giving your attention to us at this critical stage. We hope there will be opportunity for us to serve you, and hand in hand with you together for a brighter future of green building industry. This October, L GEES is about to conduct our first green building training, training content related to sustainable operation & maintenance and LEED EBOM certification of existing buildings, from 13:30PM to 1600PM on October 19 (Saturday), venue at Hong Kong Cyberport. (Green building certification for new construction is not rare now, while certification for existing buildings is still seldom. With day to day operation of the building, equipment aging, and energy efficiency degrading, all makes the certification of existing seems difficult. Moreover, LEED EBOM certification requires 12 months actual energy performance data, and at least three months records of operation and maintenance activities. The stringent data requirements further frighten some clients. However, existing building takes more than 95% of the building sector. Green build movement can only be a success when existing buildings adopt sustainable concept. However, is it necessary to make an extensive retrofit to make existing building sustainable? Is existing building certification just a piece of plaque? What is the optimal solution for existing building certification? And how to obtain and maintain the actual sustainable performance through the existing building certification process? If you hold these questions in your mind, please pay attention to our sustainable existing building training series. This October, for the green building practitioners, is full of waiting and expectations. The most prevalent two green building rating systems in China, LEED and Three-star labeling, will be upgraded to next version in coming November. LEED V4 which was expected of implementation in 2012, is postponed to this November due to many public comments received. This November upgrading is the first revision for Three-star labeling after its birth in 2006. What are the changes? How to prepare for the chances? Please pay attention to our LEED and Three-star training series.)