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    • In Hong Kong, there are 67 LEED CI, 35 LEED CS and 26 LEED NC certified projects. However, there are only 2 LEED EBOM certified projects, is it that much difficult?
    • LEED EBOM required comparing actual energy consumption to benchmark energy consumption. What's the average energy consumption of Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong?
    • LEED EBOM relies on cooperation of all tenants. What's the strategy to deal with multiple tenants?
    • Do we really need to retrofit an existing building substantially to make it qualify for LEED EBOM certified?
    • What's the difference between LEED EBOM, LEED Commercial Interiors and LEED New Construction?
    • What's the difference between LEED EBOM, BEAM Plus EB and Three Star System?
    • What’s the challenge brought by the New Version of LEED EBOM?
    • What's the benefit of a LEED EBOM certification?
    • How to become a LEED AP O+M?
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    If you hold these questions in mind, or will like to know what is LEED EBOM. Please spend 2.5 hours, from 1:30pm – 4:00pm, on 19th of Oct with L.GEES experts in LEED EBOM certification. All the above questions will be answered, and in deep knowledge of LEED EBOM certification requirements and process will be introduced.

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