Who we are

If you are a professional wants to join and become expert on green building industry and hope: to learn from other industry peers out of the company's circle; to understanding more aspects of the field, including green architecture design, efficient MEP design, commissioning, cost analysis of green, etc.; to win in the fierce competition and become an industry leader; to lead your team achieving the ultimate goal of green building.

L GEES's education program can help you. Our education program breaks the geographic boundary, having international industry leaders to provide you the most in-depth and frontier green building training. Whether you are a trainee, eager to shorten the distance with seniors, or an experienced consultant manager, eager to break through the bottleneck of development, you will find your cup of tea in our education service. Our education program covers the basic concept to in-depth experience sharing, frontier academic knowledge to vivid case study , helping you equipped for your career ambitions. Even if you are not a green building consultant, you are just looking for green building knowledge and education, L GEES's education program also works for you. If you are a client, looking for: excellent green building consultant team to help your project to achieve sustainable design, construction and operation; an experienced green building certification consultant, to help you get the best green building certification result.

L GEES's consultancy services can help you. Our team of consultants come from Hong Kong, Shanghai, USA, UK and Canada, with a global green building consulting experience to provide you professional advice. Our consultant team consists of architects, MEP consultants, commissioning authorities, BMS control experts, and O&M engineers, to provide you the integrated green building consultant services, help you to achieve lifecycle sustainability in a cost-efficient way meanwhile to obtain suitable green building certification.

If you just happen to open our website, we hope you will feel our passion and sincerity to green building, have a little more understanding of green building through browsing our website, and start to think about your way to participant in the green building movement.

L GEES, to provide you the optimal value of services, with you together to develop a new world of green buildings, and to restore the beauty of the planet.